Why Publishers, Editors, and Bloggers Should Use PlagTracker

PlagTracker is not only for teachers making sure their students are turning in original papers. It’s also for publishers and editors who need to verify that submitted articles and manuscripts are completely original before publishing them. It’s also for bloggers who need to make sure that no one is taking their content and parading it as their own online.


Why PlagTracker is Useful for Your Business

PlagTracker’s unique plagiarism-checking services offer yearly licensing options for organizations, businesses, university departments, and publishers. The benefits of this service include:

- Easy to use system
- Sizeable database to check written output for plagiarism
- Large groups of documents can be easily uploaded with quick results
- Many documents can be effortlessly compared against each other
- All documents’ confidentiality is strictly maintained

Our Sizeable Database

All uploaded documents can be compared to other documents in our impressively large database. This is because we maintain partnerships with many leading publishers that have given millions of documents and writings in addition to our unique algorithms that scan billions of online pages.

Academic Institutions Can Effortlessly Check for Plagiarism

With the advent of the Internet, it has become all too easy for plagiarizers to seek others’ content and pass it off as their own in academia. Fortunately with PlagTracker, individual departments, universities, and other academic organizations can check for plagiarism in their papers, be they from students or other academics.

Bloggers and Webmasters Alike Can Benefit from PlagTracker’s Services

Bloggers need to be able to ensure that noone is taking from their content and passing it off as their own. Someone else copying their content could result in traffic decline. With PlagTracker, you can easily see if someone has taken your content and posted it online as their own.

Additionally, webmasters are able to check if their copywriters are simply copy-pasting from elsewhere and posting it on their website. This can easily result in lower SEO rankings and a possible copyright infringement case. Therefore, if you have copywriters writing for your website, you need PlagTracker’s services to ensure that all your writers are creating original content.

Don't fit into any of these categories? Send us a line at contact@plagtracker.com and we'll show you how you can benefit from PlagTracker's services.