Plagiarism Checker for Students

An Overview of Plagiarism

From an early age you are taught not to copy other people's work. Basically, it is unfair to copy other people's work. Why work hard on something just to have someone else take the credit? As you get older, you learn that there are official rules and codes of conduct to stop copying, with severe punishments acting as deterrents to protect students and academics. If you are ever tempted to plagiarize, the chances of getting caught are very high even if you are plagiarizing very little. Deterring, detecting, and dealing with student plagiarism is taken very seriously at college. You should treat it seriously too.

Important Things to Note

Even if you are not intentionally copying, you can still get into trouble simply for being careless or unfortunate. During my time at college, I did everything in my power to ensure I never plagiarized accidently. I thoroughly double checked all of my assignments to make sure that all citations were present and correct. I would also use plagiarism checking software for all my work to ensure that my work was not too similar to other academic works. This type of software is great because it checks through all academic publications, which would be impossible to do manually. People often forget that if someone plagiarizes from you, then you could still get into trouble if the copier claims the work is theirs and not yours. This is easily preventable. Never leave work lying around and only collaborate and discuss your work with people you trust.

Getting Through College and University

I knew of a handful of people during my time in college who plagiarized and they all lived to regret it. One week during our weekly question hand-ins, someone I knew had copied the answers from a fellow student. He was caught even though he had re-worded the answers, which showed how good the faculty was at recognizing the signs. He automatically failed the module. In my opinion, he was lucky not to get thrown out of college entirely. It really is not worth the risk.

Extra Help

A great thing to do is to look for a free plagiarism checker online. Plagiarism-checking software is the only way to ensure 100% that you will not be accused of presenting someone else's work as your own. They scan all types of files and check through millions of academic papers producing a report that tells you what you need to do next. They are brilliant and I highly recommend using them.