Dear Teachers

We know how hard you work to manage all your students' assignments. Instead of spending your free time with family, friends or traveling, you spend it planning, teaching, and grading future generations' bright minds. We value every minute of your time spent educating and we would like to give you a helping hand.

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Here are all our features specifically

designed for you:

Student Management  and Tracking System

All your grades, classes, and groups on one easy-to-use dashboard

Custom Filter Setup

Allows you to select which pieces of information you want to be included or excluded from your document.

Grading System

Allows you to indicate problems with originality and grammar quickly

Live Document View

This keeps the document in its original format

Bibliography Check

Students' sources in their bibliographies can be checked to see if the sources in the text correspond

Document Cross-Check

Allows you to check a group of papers against each other to detect plagiarism