Introducing a FREE Plagiarism Checker - The Greatest Alternative to Turn It In

Whether you are a student who wants to check your essay to ensure it is 100% plagiarism-free before turning it in, or a teacher who needs a reliable tool for checking students’ assignments for plagiarism, is the perfectfree, web-based tool.. The ideal alternative to the popular plagiarism scanner "Turn It In," our service is easier-to-use, 100% free for both students and teachers, and scans papers against a huge database of millions of published works. However, unlike TurnItIn, PlagTracker is completely FREE to use!

Are You a Student or a Teacher?

PlagTracker is a versatile online tool that meets the diverse needs of both students and teachers.

For students, offers:

  • An easy way to ensure your paper is 100% original so you won't get in trouble
  • A free online tool for checking your papers (why pay money to use TurnItIn or WriteCheck?)
  • Peace of mind

For teachers, offers:

  • A fast, easy method for scanning students' papers for plagiarism violations
  • Free plagiarism checking (TurnItIn licensing for colleges and universities is expensive)
  • Accurate plagiarism scanning against a huge database of millions of published works

No Download Necessary

Because PlagTracker's plagiarism checker is a web-based tool, you never have to download any software or waste time registering an account. It doesn't matter what system you have. Plagtracker is an online checker that you can use on both Mac and PC. Just click here, insert your text, and instantly run a comprehensive plagiarism scan. In one minute or less, you will receive a free, detailed, and easy-to-understand plagiarism report. It's fast and easy!

The Critics Love PlagTracker

You don't have to take our word for it. The critics are singing the praises of, the free Turn It In alternative too! Just take a look at some of these glowing reviews of our safe, trusted plagiarism checker:

In fact, our tool is so popular and well-trusted that the following science magazines use it to scan their text before publishing:

PlagTracker vs. TurnItIn: Side-by-Side Comparison

We have already told you why is great for both students and teachers, but how does it compare to TurnItIn or WriteCheck? Plagtracker’s plagiarism checker has the same functionality, but it’s totally FREE! See for yourself. Try Plagtracker NOW, the best alternative plagiarism checker.

We Value Your Privacy

At, we take your privacy very seriously. This is why we protect all of your data with the latest encoding and data security methods. Your papers are never saved or stored anywhere, and we never track your actions. Your privacy is always protected!


PlagTracker reviewed by Natalie Houston on . Our college professor suggested that we use this plagiarism checker as a free alternative to TurnItIn. It catches plagiarism in all types of written documents. Rating: 5