About PlagTracker:
  • What is PlagTracker?
    PlagTracker is a unique checking algorithm that scans content for plagiarism. It is fast and easy to use. We ensure our system will find any content that has been plagiarized, along with a list of all the sources, to make is easier for you to correct.
  • Do you save my paper?
    PlagTracker absolutely does NOT save any content you put into our plagiarism checking system. We simply check your content for plagiarized portions and list the sources our system has found.
Plagiarism check:
  • How can I see the sources of plagiarism?
    To the right of the text identified as plagiarized in your report, you will see a link that reads 'View all Sources'. Simply click on that link and the list of your sources will drop down.
  • What does the percentage rate mean?
    The percentage that appears on your report shows you how much of your report has been plagiarized. For example, if you get 100%, that means the content we checked shows that everything has been plagiarized.
  • What do the highlighted parts mean?
    When looking at your report, if plagiarism was found, the specific plagiarized phrases will be highlighted for you to see. This helps you to find the plagiarized content quicker.

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