About Us

Behind the masterminds of PlagTracker.com

So you want to know who we are? Well, we are two Ukrainians who studied computer science at university a while back. Both deeply passionate about computer science, for our gradate work we developed an algorithm for detecting plagiarism in content.

Once the project was completed, we saw its potential. It was an amazing and useful tool for students and teachers to check if they or someone they know has plagiarized. Finished with school, we thought this could really be useful to the public. So we gathered like-minded people to help make our service useful and popular throughout the world.

We have a team of smart, passionate people who believe in what they do. We want to make certain our customers are completely satisfied and provide them what they need—plagiarism-free content. However, to be honest, at the moment, we do not have an official company yet. We just started up this project and are looking for investors to help PlagTracker.com to become even better.

Meet the team...

Svetlana - responsible, creative project manager who knows how to foster team work; she helped create the best plagiarism-checking service ever

Timur - friendly and communicative marketing manager spreading information about PlagTracker all over the Internet

Emilia - the most polite and affable support representative; you certainly have spoken with her if you had any questions or suggestions

Helen – very creative and passionate Web designer trying to make look good

Alex & Serg - two smart and dedicated programmers who make PlagTracker better

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